Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Well of Information.

First generation Texan, Catherine Cushman, my Great Aunt,  at "Prosperity Farm" in Waller County, about 1917.
If you are kin to me, this is for you. If you are not, it is still for you. This is one great American family that you will enjoy. Maybe you came here by random surfing, or you have been searching for your genealogy, or maybe you know you might be in here somewhere. My father spent a large part of his life gathering this info, long before the Internet was ever a possibility. And too bad, as it might have saved me a lot of trouble! But this HAD to be done!

If you find something is missing, PLEASE forward it to me!

Anyway, this site is brand new so give me a few weeks to get it all fluffed up. I have NOTHING on the Reynolds, and very little on the Hamilton and Thomas Clans. Feel free to contribute!

I'm gonna be loading this thing until the story is told.... About all the folks that my cousins once sighed dispiritedly... "They've gone to Texas!"

The last born of Erwin and Carrie Cushman, Catherine poses with her papa on July 4th. She later became a nurse in Houston and married Louis Newman and they had one son, David.

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