Caroline Susan Morgan Hamilton, wife of William George Hamilton. This is a copy of a painting done around 1850. They were the grandparents of Carrie Hamilton, wife of Erwin Cushman.

William and Caroline Hamilton had George William Hamilton in 1842.  He married Louisiana Alabama Holdritch. Here is a photograph made of her when she was around 13 years  of age.

As the marker testifies, George W. Hamilton was a Private in the Confederate Infantry.  He passed away when his grandchildren were quite young.

George Hamilton?
I found these Civil War era CDV's in my grandfather's desk. They were not identified. I believe they are George and Louisiana Hamilton. The woman in the matching photo below strongly resembles Louisiana Alabama Holdritch Hamilton... and even more resembles my great grandmother, Carrie Hamilton. But this is definitely a photo from the Civil War era, before she or her sister were born. The problem is the rank of the officer is higher than we know of George Hamilton's... This will require some research!

                           Louisiana Alabama Holdritch Hamilton? About 1865
We know the Hamiltons had two daughters... and one was my great grandmother...  Carrie Hamilton who married Erwin Cushman in 1890. She strongly resembles the woman above...
Carrie Hamilton Cushman
Carrie was born in Bayou Sara, Louisiana in 1870. She and her sister ended up married here in Texas. We were able to meet some of her distant nieces and nephews at a Confederate marker dedication in Houston, where they too came to honor our ancestors who served in the CSA.

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